Meet a Columban: Fr. Jude

Fr. Jude Genovia joined the Columban formation program right after completing high school. He was born in Iligan City but grew up in Manticao, Misamis Oriental. His parents were religious and were involved in various church organizations and activities. They would bring him along to different church activities which also allowed him to be fully involved in the parish life. He was not only a regular church-goer but was also involved in the youth choir, organized summer youth camps and seminars. The church life gave him a different experience of joy and affirmation.  It was a period of discovering his leadership potential and felt gratified with what he contributed in keeping the parish youth part of a vibrant church..

225096_207011859330122_8087936_nJude was in 4th year high school, one Friday afternoon, the school principal asked him to gather all graduating students.  Two Caucasian men came to their room and introduced themselves as Columban Missionary priests. One of them introduced himself as coming from the remote country  called Ireland. The other priest introduced himself as coming from the USA. They shared their stories how they got to Mindanao and what led them to live and work as missionary priests in Mindanao. Their stories somehow captured his imagination.  Somehow he found their stories a unique adventure. What fascinated him was their ability to tell their stories in Cebuano (his local language).

He eventually joined the formation program of the Columbans in Cebu and later in Manila. His decision to become a Columban priest got deeper as he progressed toward completing his formation years. For him, the intercultural way of being witnesses to the gospel of Jesus is the core spirit of the Columban missionaries. He believes the “Columban Mission” is still an adventure that crosses all forms of boundaries to proclaim the  creative power of the gospel and to be guided by it. 


Fr. Jude spent some time in Japan and is now currently assigned in Seoul, South Korea. He lives with the Korean students as vice-rector of the Columban Formation in South Korea. And on Sundays, he visits two Filipino communities in Uijungbo diocese to nourish their spiritual life thru the celebration of the Eucharist.

Fr. Jude and Fr. Changwoo with Columban students in Korea.

Are you looking for an adventure of a lifetime? An adventure that allows you to cross all forms of boundaries to proclaim the Joy of the Gospel – consider becoming a Columban missionary.

Jump! Pope Francis once reminded us not to be afraid to ask Jesus what he wants of us. Be brave. Take a leap of faith! Consider becoming a Columban missionary.



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