Meet a Columban: Jena

Mannaseo pangapsumnida! (Nice to meet you!)

Let us meet another Filipino Columban.

Jenanydel first met a Columban lay missionary through a religious sister from Tonga who was also Columban lay missionary. She brought home with her the brochures she received and posted them on the wall of her room. After some years, she felt something is missing in her life. She wanted to share her life more with others not only with her family, community or tribe.



Jenanydel Nola belongs to the T’boli tribe (one of the tribal group in Mindanao) from Maitum Sarangani Province. She is the second child of 8 children. She is the first to complete a college degree in her family and the community where she is from. She graduated with a degree in Economics and units in Education. After graduation she began to work with the Notre Dame Business Resource Foundation Incorporated (NDBRCFI) as a day care teacher, then as a self-help group facilitator (community-based) and finally as a grade-one summer class teacher. All of her time was focused working with her own people, the T’boli tribe.

Growing up, she took part in many activities of our church and her community. In high school, she felt the desire to become a nun or to share her life with others beyond her community. But the thought of serving her own tribe kept her from pursuing that desire. Later on she began discerning with a group of religious sisters yet she became more confused and scared. Two years since she first met the Columban lay missionary, she began to notice the brochure she posted on her wall. Every time she sees it, she continues to feel the desire but also fear and difficulty of making the decision to join the Columbans. Eventually she decided to send her application to the Columban Lay Mission Program. She knew then and felt she was called to be part of God’s mission. She believes that “the moment that you will free yourself from all the worries, doubts and fears and just listen and follow your heart’s desire great things continue to happen. Despite the challenges that come along the way, in every situations you will find love and joy.”


Jena now lives as a Columban lay missionary in South Korea. Most of her time is spent on visiting sick, elderly and people from North Korea. At least once week she helps out in her mission parish in to preparing lunch for the 12-13 elderly.


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