Meet a Columban: Fr. Jovito Dales

Hola como estas tu?! Let’s meet another Filipino Columban.

Fr. Jovito Dales worked in a bank as a savings account bookkeeper-in charge and general accounts bookkeeper among many others. He grew up passing by the Columban House in Catadman to reach his elementary school. Then he met the late Fr. Frank Baragry through retreat activities and Fr. John Hickey who was a bank client. He learned about the Columbans, their ministries, where they come from, and what they are doing here in the Philippines. Fr. Jovito loves spending time with people, reading novels, listening to music and watching movies. He adds that he also loves learning about other cultures to broaden his understanding of the different ways things are done. He spent years of mission in Peru, returned to the Philippines, worked as Vocation Director and now works as General Bursar of the Columbans. He is now living in Hongkong.


He decided to become a Columban priest because he dreamed of going on mission outside the Philippines and be as dedicated as the Columbans he met – those who offered their lives for the sake of the poor and oppressed Filipinos. He thinks their simplicity, faith and courage were contagious. And for him “…Columban mission means being with people who hunger for a loving God and people who long for justice, and together with them, find meaning and purpose of my own life.” Fr. Jovito Dales is from Ozamiz City, where Columban missionaries helped build the local church.



God calls from wherever we are or whatever we are. And whenever you are ready, just say ‘yes.’ And it will turn out to be the greatest adventure of your life.

If you are interested to join us and want to know more about Columban Missionaries, just send me a message.


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